Hallway side table with plant and lamps on infant of a painted blue wall
a stair well in a stately house with fine silk draped curtains
a round led glazed window with a plant on the window cill
a breakfast room in morning sunshine with old victorian oil paintings and a side table with lamps on
a bathroom twin sink with mirrors with a pot plant infant of a blue painted wall
a Georgian fine side table on a landing of a stately home in-between two sash full length windows
a side table with a porcelain artichoke and a mulberry hand bag and a pair of designer glasses
stair leading to a landing in a stately home
A silver leaf painted bead stead with a table and lamp along with a bottle of water
breakfast room with a laid table in the sunshine with a table plant
a fine Georgian table a sitting room not to a bay window
a great British cup of tea being poured from a white china tea pot
A porcelain artichoke infront of a window on a window cill
a chair and side table in a bedroom next to a sash window
a large kingsized bed with many cushions
a bedside table and lamp with a bottle of water and glass
a decadent bathroom with flowing over length silk curtain
A bedroom with a large kingsize bed with blue walls and diamond patterned carpet
A hanging picture in an alcove on a hallway with a decorative metal lamp shade hanging down
two cocktails in silver cups on a table with a delicate pot plant
dressing table and chair in a bedroom with a pair of shoes on the carpet
a corner seating area of an entrance hall with a walnut side table infront of a large sash window with two chairs
indoor plants sitting on a fire place in a breakfast room
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