A street scene of a shop with hanging hams in the window and a girl leaning against a door smoking in Soho
Power washing at the  boat yard in Ramsgate with spray
Evening street scene in Old Ostia Italy
Soho street shot of a couple. man talking but woman day dreaming
Tarquinia Italy
Light House on Ramsgate outer harbour arm
Harbour Street Ramsgate misty early morning
Ramsgate Harbour arm misty early morning
Dubai Sunset with palm trees and people talking silhouetted
City of London a runner blurred as he runs under a victorian bridge
Royal Pavilion Ramsgate now fully restored as Britains largest Weather spoons
Art of conversation Soho, two couple one couple engaging with each other and talking the other both on their phone ignoring each other
Fiumicino evening stroll along the canal to the sea
Soho street shot two men taking a break from a restaurant
A soho street shot with a man in the middle of the street on his phone
Workers.. not working builders having a break outside a construction site in the city of London
Old man and his beer. Wearing a cap with a beer on the table
Boys in the surf. Two boys swim in the sea with a wave and a fishing boat in the distance
An evening silhouette with palm trees and the sea through a gap in the palms with a single boat in the distance Dubai
Battersea Power Station just as construction works stat
Misty Harbour, benches in the sea fog on the harbour arm Ramsgate
Street shot in Old Ostia Italy of a beautiful woman with her chin in her hand looking thoughtful
Whelk boat bringing in their haul at Ramsgate harbour early morning
Midday shadows a white wall with an old rustic door with a shadow cast at 45 dress across it with a tree above
Harbour jump a boy jump off the harbour wall in the marina sea water
Desert sunset a girl walks along a sand dune in the evening sun in Dubai
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