Salmon & Prawn delicious fresh contemporary food
Delicious fresh food Goats Cheese, Beetroot
Delicious fresh Halibut fillet
Asparagus, Eggs, Parma Ham
 British Lamb served with roast vegetables and a light jus
Fresh Halibut with roast vegetable and cauliflower with a light fresh jus
 Poached Eggs, Crumpet with a light fresh salad and a cream sauce
fresh green Pea Soup
A roast cheek of pork with a stick of crackling with roast vegetables with a light jus
Scotch Egg with  a dipping cream sauce
Boiled Egg with a crispy tempura battered Asparagus
Fresh fish with roast vegetables and asparagus  with a tomato sauce
Baked cod with potato and cauliflower and a cream sauce
Scotch Egg with a beetroot salad served on black slate dish
Rhubarb sorbet with sticks of rhubarb with a vanilla Ice Cream
A chocolate pudding with a vanilla ice cream with a light toffee sauce
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